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10,000mAh Gravity Power Bank

10,000mAh Gravity Power Bank

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The Sunslice Gravity 10'000 is an ultra light, compact and powerful external battery.

Weighing barely 190 grams, the Gravity 10,000 is perfect for anyone who wants a powerful & space-saving external battery.

Like all Gravity batteries, it is designed to charge all your devices quickly and efficiently but also to store your excess solar energy.

The 10,000mAh Gravity battery is equipped with two USB outputs including super fast charging (18W max output @ 5V, 9V, 12V) and two inputs: micro-USB and USB C.

You can choose from many optional cable options.

Battery capacity : 10000mAh

Weight : 190g

Dimensions : 135 x 69 x 16mm

Output 1 : 2 x USB-A fast charging (5V/3Amp, 9V/2Amp, 12V/1.5Amp)

Output 2 : USB-C fast charge (5V/3Amp, 9V/2Amp, 12V/1.5Amp)

Input : Micro-USB + Type-C (max 18W)