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Sunslice Fusion Flex 48W Solar Charger

Sunslice Fusion Flex 48W Solar Charger

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The Sunslice Fusion FLEX 48 is an ultra-lightweight, compact and convenient solar charger, designed by Sunslice to give you the most of the sun, with minimum weight and size.

Super compact, light and flexible

Weighing just 1kg, the Fusion Flex 48 is made up of 6 super thin solar panels that fold down to A4 size (slightly longer). This solar charger is perfect for anyone who wants plenty of power but needs to limit the weight they carry.

The flexible panels are only 1mm thick, which means they can easily be slipped into a travel backpack, taking up barely any space (1cm thick when folded).

USB-C charging

Thanks to these high quality cells, the Fusion FLEX 48 solar panel has been designed and optimized by Sunslice engineers to offer excellent charging speeds. It is equipped with a USB-C PD port (45W) and a USB-A fast charging port (QC 3.0 - 18W), which allows you to charge up to two devices at the same time.


The flexibility of the solar cells and the rugged ETFE coating make this portable solar charger virtually indestructible and extremely durable.

The Fusion Flex 48 solar panel is not afraid of bumps, scratches, dust, water, sand or being bent, so it can follow you on all your adventures!

A smart design

This portable solar panel was designed with experts and enthusiasts to provide the best functionality without compromising on other important features.

Four strong attachment points have been included in the corners to easily hook the Fusion Flex to any backpack, bike or tent.

All Fusion Flex 48s come with their accessories: two carabiners and two adjustable elastics, so you can easily attach it anywhere!

You can also choose an optional power bank and charging cables.