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Sunslice Fusion Flex 6W Solar Charger

Sunslice Fusion Flex 6W Solar Charger

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The Sunslice Fusion FLEX 6 is an ultra-lightweight, compact and convenient solar charger designed by Sunslice to help you get the most out of the sun, with minimum weight and size.

Super compact, light and flexible

Weighing just 140 grams and approaching a small A4 size, the Fusion Flex 6 Solar Charger is perfect for anyone who wants big power but needs to limit the weight they carry.

The flexible panel is only a millimeter thick, which means it can easily be slipped into a travel bag, taking up very little space.

High charging speeds

The flexible CIGS cells of Fusion FLEX products offer some of the best performance available on the flexible solar panel market, with an efficiency of 16.5%, not far behind monocrystalline silicon cells. They also provide the highest power per unit weight.

Thanks to these cells, the Fusion FLEX 6 solar panel has been designed and optimized by our engineers to offer excellent charging speeds. Its USB port lets you charge a phone or power bank at standard speed.


The flexibility of the solar cells and the rugged ETFE coating make this portable solar charger virtually indestructible and extremely durable.

The Fusion Flex 6 solar panel is not afraid of bumps, scratches, dust, water, sand or being bent. So you can take it on all your adventures!