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Emergency Food by Trek'n eat - 7 day survival pack

Emergency Food by Trek'n eat - 7 day survival pack

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Safety for all!

Emergency Food emergency packs will help you to have optimal nutrition, even in an emergency, thanks to a balanced mixture. These food packs are developed following a rigorous protocol based on scientifically based nutritional data. We only use very high quality, lightly spiced dry and freeze-dried special foods. All these packs are designed for one person and contain sufficient rations for 7 days. Their minimum shelf life is 15 years of survival pack: it is therefore an essential precautionary measure in the long term. You will thus be protected from any eventuality and you will be able to face the future with complete peace of mind. All tins have a ring lid and can be closed using the supplied plastic lid. They are both easy to handle and hygienic.