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The organic garden guide

The organic garden guide

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4th revised and expanded edition!

11 years after its last update and with 250,000 copies sold since its first publication, the organic gardener's reference guide is back in a 4th edition, updated, expanded and revamped. Taking into account the most recent scientific and technical advances, this new edition emphasizes the evolutions of organic gardening:

  • Permaculture,

  • Gardening on living soil,

  • Vegetable garden in a square or on mounds,

Prevention and natural treatments against pests...

The list of vegetable varieties has been reduced from F1 hybrid varieties, to focus on classic or traditional varieties.

With 150 technical sheets, more than 400 drawings, work schedules, climate maps: a must for any organic gardener, whether beginner or expert in the vegetable garden.

The opportunity to think about the garden of tomorrow and to readapt our gardening techniques to the changes in our planet.

So what better way to celebrate 40 years of Living Earth and organic gardening?


Jean-Paul Thorez, former director of the Haute-Normandie regional environmental agency, participated in the creation of the magazines Les 4 Saisons du jardin bio Nature et jardin as well as the editions Terre vivant. A gardener himself, he is the author of several books on organic gardening.