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Edible wild plants

Edible wild plants

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Here is an extraordinary identification guide allowing you to determine, without risk of error, the 50 most common edible plants of the French flora. By its precision and ease of access, it rivals an in situ botanical walk. Clear texts, accompanied by more than 450 photos and drawings, point out the determining elements for each species (avoiding any confusion with a toxic double) and summarize, season by season, the possible food uses, from the most classic to the most original, fresh or in processed form (fermentation, sprouted seeds, etc.). Recipe ideas complete this book.

The authors S. Guido FLEISCHHAUER is an engineer and landscape architect at the Technical University of Weihenstephan near Munich. He learned to feed himself with plants collected from the wild in central Europe. It offers hikes, conferences and seminars on the theme.

J. GUTHMANN is a chemical engineer at the Technical University of Nuremberg, director of the laboratory for food chemistry at the Technical University of Weihenstephan, near Munich. He has a long-standing interest in food and health, with a specialization in medicinal plants and fungi.

R. SPIEGELBERGER is a landscape gardener, engineer in landscape architecture and environmental planning at the Technical University of Höxter. He passes on his botanical knowledge to gardeners and collectors of wild plants.