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Water Resilience Practical Manual

Water Resilience Practical Manual

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If tomorrow there is no more water at the tap, are you ready? What if it lasts three days? One week ? Three weeks ?

Try going a single day with the water turned off or worse, a day without drinking anything! You will quickly realize the importance of water in our lives. However, the subject of water is often overlooked, even neglected, in specialized works.

RESILIENCE! is the first 100% practical survivalist manual dedicated entirely to the fundamental subject of water.

From raising awareness to taking action, whether you live in the city or in the countryside, the objective of this manual is to offer you pragmatic solutions at the family level.

Discover how to adapt your accommodation whatever your budget,

What to do if the tap breaks

How to harvest, transport, manage, filter, purify and store water in the best possible conditions.

RESILIENCE ! A field bible which, in an emergency situation, gives you the keys to improvise effective solutions with the means at hand.

On the other hand, it is also a guide to becoming more autonomous and independent of the network. Concretely, this ranges from the presentation of relevant material to the different strategies. In addition, the book particularly targets low-tech solutions that are simple, reliable, relatively easy to set up and which continue to operate even in the event of a water or electricity cut.

Finally, learn how to save water now to increase your economic resilience to the system.

This complete and accessible manual allows you to protect your family from thirst and provide them with this vital resource in all circumstances.

Because water is life!

The author Pierre is a member of the group Mouton Résilient. He is an adventurer who calls himself a far-sighted citizen, always passionate about the search for autonomy and independence on a family scale.