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Dry and dehydrate your food

Dry and dehydrate your food

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Easy to prepare at home, dehydrated foods are real concentrates of nutrients. Thanks to this preservation process, these "super foods" retain the quality of raw foods for a long time.

With this complete guide, you will know the different drying and dehydrating techniques (oven, wood and solar dryer) and learn how to make herbal teas, crisps, breads, meat and vegetarian jerkys.

More than 150 recipes based on fruits, vegetables, meat, tofu, seitan and aromatic herbs that are as healthy as they are delicious.

A godsend for city dwellers and gardeners!

Author Claudia LORENZ-LADENER studied architecture. She is editor and co-founder of the German publishing house Ökobuch. She is the author of numerous best-selling books at Éditions Ulmer. She is passionate about autonomy, gardening, cooking, particularly from the angle of the production and resilient conservation of her own food.