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Gravity Sunslice 432 Wh Portable Generator | 300W

Gravity Sunslice 432 Wh Portable Generator | 300W

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The Gravity 432 is a high capacity portable battery, capable of delivering strong AC and DC power for all your devices. It works like any generator, without making any noise or burning any fuel.

The USB-A and USB-C outputs will allow you to efficiently charge phones, tablets and laptops equipped with a USB-C charging port .

The 220V 300W AC output allows you to power devices that cannot be charged using USB ports, such as laptops, drones, coolers and more. The universal AC outlet also allows for worldwide compatibility with any device requiring less than 300W. With its large battery capacity of 432Wh (117,000 mAh), the battery is capable of delivering 300W for 1 hour and 20 minutes.

The Gravity 432 Solar Power Generator has a 12V output socket , which will allow you to run various devices, such as air compressors.

It is also equipped with a car jump start output , so you can jump-start your vehicle in case your battery runs low. Jumper cables are also supplied with the Gravity 432.

Weighing only 5.8 kg , it can easily be carried by hand or stored in a vehicle.

A powerful 5W flashlight can be detached and aimed as desired, providing convenient lighting options.

It can be recharged via a wall socket, via a car's 12V socket or via solar panels. We recommend using the Sunslice Fusion 100 or the Sunslice Fusion 150 solar panel to charge your devices quickly and efficiently.

It is the ideal choice to have high capacities and power for a reasonable weight and an affordable budget. Whether it's for an expedition, for an afternoon of drone flight to get a few extra hours of flight, to recharge power tools when you're away from the network or to work quietly from your garden, the Gravity 432 is an excellent choice !

Important information: The Gravity 432 has a capacity of 432Wh (117,000 mAh) which means that it is not authorized in the aircraft cabin . If you are looking for a Power Bank laptop that is allowed in the aircraft cabin, theGravity 100 model is the right choice for you.