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Welcome to Atomoma

Your brand new concept store offering the best selection of autonomy products for all needs and all budgets.

Why more autonomy?

Because energy is more and more expensive and we have to turn to clean and renewable energies, because we don't always have access to electricity or water when we is on the move, because we want houses that are more autonomous, more durable and less costly in resources. Because you never know what can happen and it is essential to have autonomous solutions!

For our launch we offer you a first selection of products tested and guaranteed for their excellent quality/price ratio , from a short circuit and 100% designed and/or developed and stocked by European companies , the majority of the components of which are durable. and recyclable .

The future starts now!

What do you need?

Battery in the pocket.

Tired of having no battery every day? Don't want to clutter up your daily life? Not always easy to find a catch? Discover the Sunslice Photon , the world's smallest portable solar charger in credit card format. Elegant and practical, it slips into your pocket and can charge your mobile phone in just 1 hour!

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Charge all your devices, wherever you are.

We are not always close to a socket to charge our devices, especially on the move, when we are on vacation or practicing an outdoor sport. Sunslice's Fusion Flex range is made for you, with a power of 6 to 48 Watts (and 48 Watts believe us that sends!) from 59.99€, you can recharge all the devices of the family wherever you be! The strong points of Fusion Flex: they are powerful, flexible, light, water resistant and practically indestructible!

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Small budget? No problem.

Want a solar charger but have a small budget to spend on it? No problem with the Sunslice Fusion 7 at only €39.99 ! You can plug your phone or tablet directly into it or use its optional power bank. Much more powerful and lighter than batteries with integrated solar panel, switch to solar energy without breaking the bank!

Discover Fusion 7

Solar panels at home without work? Nothing easier!

Are you interested in installing solar panels in your home but it seems like too many constraints? Don't want to do some work? Don't want to wait 10 years for the return on investment? Are you a tenant or do you live in a protected area and think you are not entitled to it? Do you only have a balcony? Sunology Play is made for you, order, plug into a simple socket and in less than 10 minutes you are already starting to consume your own solar energy. It's that simple.

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  • Simple & Innovative

    Simple and practical products developed by innovative European Start-ups.

  • Environmentally friendly

    Products with a majority of recyclable/recycled components and 100% vegan.

  • short circuit

    Most products designed by European companies, manufactured and/or assembled in Europe.

  • Value for money

    A selection designed to offer products accessible to all and for all budgets.